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What it is Titanes?

TITANES it's a Money transfer company autorized for Bank of Spain to operate as well as currency exchange. We also have a license to operate in other EU member states, as Italy, France and Germany Also have a license to operate in other EU member states, as Italy, France and Germany.

Why would I consider becoming a Titanes Agent?

Titanes offers you to form part of its Network immediately, without delays. We provide all the material, support and training that you need to handle a business of money transferring. When becoming a Titanes Agent you will obtain a source of income that will improve and complement your present business.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. There is no cost to get started. There are no inventory and equipment to purchase, nor the cost of training. Everything you need, including support for the client at premium level, plus the advantages of the promotional publicity of Titanes and posters and signs of the point of sale, are provided to you without any cost.

How does one begin?

Once your request has been reviewed and approved, we will proceed to register it in the Banco de España (Bank of Spain) like an Authorised Agent of the Company. After this step, you have already formed part of the Authorised Network of Titanes Agents.
At any moment and mainly in the accomplishment of the first shipments you will have the help of the Customer Service department, who will guide you and assess you so that you do not have any problems. You will have at your disposition, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, the computer application TTS (Titanes Transfer System), very intuitive and user friendly, through which all the related will be managed with the international transferences.
Through the commercial department, you will receive posters, pamphlets, stickers and an exterior luminous poster, and then you will have already created the business.

In what way will it affect my business of managing a business of money transfers?

There is no interruption of your current business. In fact, the Titanes Agents normally find that managing money transferences improves their businesses when providing the service to new clients. The transactions are fast, and normally they require less than two minutes to make them. Once a transfer has entered the system and it has been transmitted, our Department of Operations carefully verifies the precision and conclusion of the transaction. You simply give the client the receipt with the security of which the money will reach its destiny.

Will there be much administration work?

No. The administrative work is minimal. The simplicity of the computer program allows you to send and store the information of the transactions electronically. The client receives a receipt, which appears the telephone number for Titanes customer services department. Once you have processed the transaction, we take care of the rest.

Why would you choose TITANES?

Not only will you have the opportunity to increase your base of clients, increase the benefits and to give your community a safe and reliable service of money transferring, but also, when choosing to TITNAES, you will enjoy these advantages:

  • Advertising and promotional support to attract clients and to let your business of money transfers flourish.
  • An installation of equipment in the act virtually without initial cost.
  • Support to its installation when it is needed.
  • Simple and speedy electronic processes, which makes money transfers easy.
  • Multinational and experimented personal customer service.
  • The economical assistance from a progressive and financially stable company, who invests in technology, personnel and publicity.y en publicidad.
  • The possibility of offering your clients other services such as airline tickets.


How are the TITANES payment orders processed?

A client makes their transfer order, and receives a receipt for the order. The transaction is processed by our computer system TTS (Titanes Transfer System) and as such, will be sent to the correspondent payer. All the orders happen through a series of filters that detect and prevent possible activities of money laundering or financing of terrorism. Once the transaction is free, the payment order is sent to the Correspondent. The Correspondent will then notify the beneficiary that the money is available to be picked up at the payment locations, or depending on the situation, the Correspondent will make the payment delivering it to the address or office of the beneficiary, or depositing the funds in the bank account of the beneficiary. The payments or deliveries will be subject to the requirements of established identification of the beneficiary according to the own standards of security of the Correspondent.

Has TITANES all the Licenses to be able to transfer money?

Of course, TITANES is registered in the Registration of Payment Entities of the Bank of Spain (supervisor agency) with the number 6845, we have also a license to operate in other EU member states, such as Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Germany

Is necessary to have a special technology and software to receive and to process the money transfers of Titanes?

No, with the system TTS (Titanes Transfer System), all the orders of payment can be received on standard connections of Internet of the Correspondent. When it is necessary, Titanes can prepare an interface that allows the automated export of the information of the orders of payment to the Correspondent and for the electronic transmission of the information of payment confirmation, of the subjects of customer service and any other necessary information.


How can I send money via Titanes?

By the following ways:

  1. Approaching anyone personally in the offices of Titanes.
  2. Through any one of the Authorised Titanes Agents, (look out for the distinctive Titanes).
  3. Making a banking transfer to any account holder of Titanes, and afterwards call on 91 18 19 100, where they will take your details and also the details of the beneficiary of the transaction.
  4. Through Titanes-Online, from this same web page, the charge will be made in your credit card.

How can the beneficiary receive money?

The relative instructions of the form in which the funds will be given to the beneficiary are given by the sender of the transfer, these can be:

  1. In cash through the offices of the correspondent payer of Titanes.
  2. Deposit in a bank account holder of the beneficiary.
  3. Delivery to residential (for the countries in which this modality exists)

How long does it take for the beneficiary to receive the money?

For the great majority of countries, the money is handed to the beneficiary, after its identification, in only hours and always within the same day in which the transference was generated. In any way as much, Titanes as the correspondent payer, does everything possible so that the delivery time is as minimal as possible.

How much will my transfer of money cost?

The tariffs of money transfers of Titanes are very competitive. We try offering the best exchange in the market. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department or visit one of our authorised agents.


Money Transfers

Sending and receiving money, national and international.

If you are going to send / receive money to your family or friends, TITANES will make the process of transferring.Fast, economic and safe. Other reasons to choose TITANES:

  • Competitive prices and good exchange rates.
  • Wide area of authorized agents.
  • Professional and qualified services for clients.
  • Fast and correct payments.
  • Simple and fast money transfers by Internet.

Purchase / Sale of Currency

We offer competitive exchange rates, without commissions nor additional expenses, as much for the purchases as for the sales of its currencies.

Ask for availability of any currency by calling 91 18 19 100

B2B Corporate Transfer/order

We provide companies and institutions with a efficient and competitive method to make international payments and currency exchange.

  • Competitive Exchange Rates
  • Minimum Commissions
  • Agility in transactions
  • No bank changes


Flight specialists. We have negotiated rates with the main airlines.

Become a agent

All about the agents

Improve your business

The owners of businesses can benefit from this opportunity and boost their income with a business parallel to theirs and risk free. To become an Agent of Titanes, you will be offering your clients an additional service and will attract, at the same time attract new clients. Commencing is simple. You will receive all the teams, material, backup and training needed. There is no price of installation neither should you buy equipment.

Titanes offers competitive commissions for the Agents in each transaction. Your business will be able to increase its base of clients at the same time, offering the community a service of confidence of tranferring money.

Take Advantage of the Promotional Support of Titanes

To maintain the Titanes name in the minds of your actual clients and produce new clients, we employ promotional publicity, providing all the necessary material. The efforts of publicity include advertisements in radio, newspapers and television, also promotional events and support from the local market.

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We always thank for the opportunity to establish and to maintain relations of the Correspondents of financial institutions, enterprise houses of exchange and other organisations in countries in which we hope to offer our payment services. For Titanes it is of vital importance to initiate relations with the Correspondent with the premise to offer services of great quality and competitive rates of exchange, and that the Correspondent is able to execute our orders of payment of agile form. Also, it is for us of extreme importance that our foreign and local commercial partners totally fulfil all the laws and applicable norms in the countries and territories in which our services are offered.

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Authorized Organization by the Bank Of Spain. Nº Registry 6845